“To complicate is easy. To simplify is difficult.” — Bruno Munari


Logo for ]boxMEnot[ , he new laboratory by LA.BO.works


Official notebook for Kerning conference (by Letterpress is better)

Letterpress is better

Brand, graphic design and illustrations for these notebooks printed with letterpress

Business cards

My new business cards/coasters, it depends

LUZ Photo

Graphic design and illustration for 2012 Christmas card

Associazione Musicale Arteviva

Communication materials for 2012/2013 Concert Season

Lolligo postcards

Adv campaign for a small company that produces inks and ink cartridges

Lolligo adv

Adv campaign for a small company that produces inks and ink cartridges

WGO What's going on

Naming, brand and graphic design for WGO, the annual event by Swiss & Global


Brand, character design and graphics for a a line of t-shirts for kids

Avana 09

Communication materials for Swiss & Global 2009 official journey to La Habana

William Haviland

Graphic design and layout for an Australian architect's portfolio


Graphic design and illustrations for some posters

Tipografia Pesatori

Logo for an historic letterpress printer based in Milan, Italy


Restyling, layout and illustrations for a Edison's magazine

Garnell Advisory

Logo and identity for an advisory company

Pietro Paradiso

Logo and communication materials for an Italian fashion designer


Naming, logo and payoff for a consulting company specialized in insurance policies for professionals

Superfruit Baobab

Logo for Superfruit Baobab, a project by a small African cooperative based in Benin


My new portfolio created as an app for iPad