What am I doing right now?

After more or less 2 years and 6 months, in January 2016 I went back at work. Our son Leonardo suddenly fell ill in July 2013 and everything changed in our life (read our story on Medium, Epilepsy? Cut it out!).

I decided to mainly focus on two kind of projects: projects where typography plays a fundamental role, and projects based on good causes that can potentially achieve real goals in society.

I launched Epilepsy? Cut it out!, a fundraiser and communication campaign about surgery for epilepsy.

I'm working with Roller Strategies, a firm focused on next-gen solutions to the world's most complex challenges.

I'm working on X1/2H: progetti di carattere, about “bold” projects related to typography.

I will soon launch lookatMI, a brand I registered years ago for a project about Milan. I put it in a drawer for years, now it's time to start.

Inspired by Now project by Derek Sivers.
Last update: November 2017